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Dixie Dave's Redneck Retail.

Welcome to the new Dixie Dave's page our store has been redesigned, new products are being added constantly, and our Parsons WV retail location is open for business Mon-Fri from 9-5. We're kicking ass and taking names with our biker, military, pro gun, firefighter, EMS, Confederate, and patriotic merchandise.


We're a proud member of the NRA Business Alliance.

Redneck owned and operated.

Many people say redneck or hillbilly like it's a bad thing and the fact is it isn't so. Rednecks built this country often doing the jobs others didn't want breaking their backs in the mines, carving the roads you now drive into the mountainsides, producing products on assembly lines from shore to shore, and fighting in every war this country has ever known. We take pride in the redneck legacy of this nation selling products to those proud rednecks who remain til this day the backbone of the American working class.

We're Rebel to the core!

I started this store in response to the controversy and backlash over my beloved Confederate battle flag and the subsequent decision by most major retailers to discontinue the sale of all Confederate and rebel related merchandise. Within our store you'll find tons of items bearing the battle flag of the army of Northern Virginia, pro gun merchandise, pro military merchandise, and much more. Click shop at the top and enjoy browsing our inventory. We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal at checkout and ship your items USPS Priority Mail Mon-Fri to ensure they get to you safe, sound, and fast.

Dixie Dave plays songs of the Confederacy.

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