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With the war on all things Confederate, pro-gun, and Conservative raging in this country and major retailers removing any associated items from their shelves I decided to open Dixie Dave's.

Our business was born out of controversy and shares my personal goal to eliminate the disease we know as political correctness that has taken root in our modern day society. We're a proud member of the NRA Business Alliance and do our best to support and defend our freedom and the rights afforded to us under the US Constitution.

We don't offer our customers "safe spaces" or any of that liberal BS we're here to sell merchandise and offend the occasional liberal idiot.

We believe in doing good business and not greedy business, since our site first opened we've offered our customers fair prices on our merchandise even while others were taking advantage of the controversy surrounding the battle flag and selling flags for upwards of $30 each we kept our prices at $9.99 each. If you feel that any of our prices are high please feel free to shop around we know you'll be back as we frequently compare our prices to those of our online competitors.


If you need to contact us feel free to do so.

Dixie Dave's

418 Second St.

Parsons WV 26287




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