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Interior view of Dixie Dave's in Parsons WV

Redneck Wares and Hillbilly Commodities

Hi I'm Dave. I started Dixie Dave's in my living room with a few boxes of flags at a time when larger stores across the country began to remove Confederate items from their shelves. I've always loved the Confederate flag, guns, and freedom so it was an easy decision for me to start up a retail shop specializing in Confederate and other Conservative themed merchandise.

Since opening we've grown rapidly expanding to carry a wide selection of inventory that quickly outgrew my living room and in early 2016 resulted in us expanding to a commercial building in downtown Parsons WV. 

We continue to expand and have fun in the process taking part in local events, parades, and festivities all while adding new merchandise and businesses as we go. 2017 saw the launch of Hillbilly Vape our stand alone vape shop and there's no telling what the future holds for Dixie Dave's

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NRA Business Alliance

We're very proud to join the NRA in defense of our freedom by being an NRABA member as well as an NRA recruiter. 

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We're a proud member of the NFIB.

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